Multiplicative Tables

Use of Multiplicative Tables:
Why are Multiplication Tables used?
Multiplication Tables are used because :-
(i) Easy calculation.
(ii) Helps in business math.
(iii) Calculating the total cost of more than one item of same value.
And lots more …
How to memorize these tables?
• Rote memory involves repeating a concept or idea over and over again until you remember it. This concept can be repeated orally or written out.
What is GOOD about rote memory?
Rote memory is widely used in education.
A recent survey found that 70% of the teachers surveyed felt that rote memory worked well for most students.
• Using pictures to remember the times tables has become a popular method of teaching the times tables. Instead of remembering the numbers, a student remembers a picture that reminds them of the multiplication fact.
Teachers are having a high degree of success with the picture method.
Research tends to support this form teaching the times tables is widely used in education.
What is GOOD about using music?
Teachers have varying amount of success with music. (We have talked with teachers that have had tremendous success and very little success.)
Most students enjoy singing along with the tape or CD. This method works better than rote memory.
There are tapes that are inexpensive.
• Rhyming :Most teachers that use music and singing to teach the times tables purchase a commercial tape with a song for each fact family.
What is GOOD about using rhymes?
A number of teachers use rhymes for some of the Multiplicative Tables with excellent results.
Good when used in combination with other methods. Works well with verbal learners.
In these tables, we have used rhyming method along with the table for better memorizing.

Table of 1                    Table of 2

Table of 3                    Table of 4

Table of 5                    Table of 6

Table of 7                     Table of 8

Table of 9                     Table of 10

Table of 11                     Table of 12

Table of 13                     Table of 14

Table of 15                    Table of 16

Table of 17                     Table of 18

Table of 19                    Table of 20

Table of 21                     Table of 22

Table of 23                     Table of 24

Table of 25

Multiplicative Tables