Ordering Integers

Ordering integers refers to a particular sequence in which numbers are arranged. In integers ordering integers refer to an arrangement of integer numbers in ascending or descending order. As we know, integers on number line are differently placed. The center of the number line is 0, on the right hand side we have the positive numbers and on the left hand side we have the negative numbers. On the positive side, the ascending and descending order does not change, however, on the negative side, the numbers closer to zero are greater than the numbers away from it, i.e. -1 is greater than -2, -2 is greater than -3… and so on.
Solved examples:-
1. Which one is greater 2 or -2?
Solution :The answer is 2 or +2.
2. Which one is greater -1 or -8?
Solution : The answer is -1 as it closer to 0 as compared to -8
3. Which one is greater 15 or 0?
Solution : The answer is 15 or +15.
4. Arrange the following numbers from small to big.
Solution : From the given number -12 is the smallest number as it is away from zero.(0)
Then between -9 and -7 -9 is far away from 0 than -7 so -9 is smaller than -7.
6 is positive number so it is the greatest among the given number.
So small to big numbers (ascending) are : -12,-9,-7,6

Practice on ordering integers

(A) 1) Which one is greater 13 or 22?
2) Which one is greater 0 or -2?
3) Which one is greater -8 or -2?
(B) Put the proper sign. (<, > or =)
1) -199 ( ) 199
2) 10 ( ) 40
3) 84 ( ) 0
4) 0 ( ) -99
5) 11 ( ) -10
(C) Which number lies on the left of zero?
1) -10 or 10 ?
2) -45 or -50?
3) 5 or -8?
4) -120 or 12 ?
5) -1 or 1 ?
(D) Arrange the following numbers from small to big.
1) -8,-12,-6,5,10,-1
2) 0,-15,23,-11,-19,9

Ordering integers is one of the basic and crucial concepts of integers. Hence, in order to understand the further concepts of integers one has to master these basics or you won’t be clear with the other concepts and that might create problems. These concepts may look tricky and complex in the beginning but practice and master it and understanding the other concepts will seem to be a cakewalk for you. So, go ahead and practice as much as you can, till you are confident enough to solve any number of problems like these irrespective of the figure. Make sure that you are thorough with the concept and are careful in denoting the sign. Most of the students do silly mistakes in denoting the signs and lose marks due to it.

Ordering integers
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