Percentage as a Comparison of two quantities

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In this section, we will discuss Percentage as a Comparison of two quantities .
Let us see how percentages can help us in comparing two quantities.

Consider the marks obtained by two students. Florence has scored 700 marks out of a maximum of 800 marks and Susanne has scored 720 marks out of 900 marks.
Student Max marks Marks scored Percentage
Florence 800 700 87.5%
Susanne 900 720 80%

We can see that Susanne has scored more marks than Florence. But we cannot compare the marks of these students as the maximum marks are not the same in the two cases. We can compare only if the maximum marks are equal. Percentage comes to our help here. By converting these marks into percentages, we are actually making the maximum marks equal, that is 100.

Marks scored by Florence = 700 out of 800
= 700/800

= (700/800 ) x 100%

= 87.5%

Marks scored by Susanne = 720 out of 900

= 720/900

= ( 720/900 ) x 100%

= 80%

Comparing the above, we can conclude that, Florence has performed better that Susanne.

2) A person divides his income in three equal parts if he gives 2 parts to Ally and 1 part to Eric. What percentage of money he gives to Ally and Eric separately.Who receives more percentage.

Solution :
Person divides income in parts = 2 : 1

Ratio sum = 2+1 = 3

Ally's part= 2/3 x 100 = 200 / 3 = 66.66%

Eric's part= 1/3 x 100 = 100 / 3 = 33.33%

Ally receives more percentage than Eric.


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