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Factor and sketch polynomials - Polynomials Part 1

Introduction of Polynomials

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Polynomials are algebraic expressions that include real numbers and variables. Division and square roots cannot be involved in the variables. The variables can only include addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Let x be a variable, n be a positive integer and a0, a1,a2... ,an be constants. Then,
f(x) = anx n + an-1xn-1+ ... + a1x + a0 is called a Poly-nomial in variable x.

Here, anx n, an-1xn-1, ... , a1x, a0 are known as terms
and an, an-1, ..., a1,a0 are coefficients.


1) p(x) = 3x -2 -----> polynomial in variable x.

2) q(y) = 3y2 - 2y + 4 ------> is a poly-nomial in y.

3) f(u)= 1/2 u3 - 3u2 + 2u - 4 ----> is a poly-nomial in variable u.

Not a Poly-nomial : If the exponent of any term is less than 1 or negative.

Examples :

1) 2x2 - 3√x + 5

Solution :
It is not a poly-nomial because the exponent of one term is 1/2 which is less than 1.

2) 1/(x2 - 2x + 5)

Solution :
It is not a poly-nomial because the exponent is negative.

3) 2x3 - 3/x + 4

Solution :
As the exponent of 2nd term is -1 so it is not a poly-nomial.

Q.1 Write any poly-nomial in x with degree 3.
Q.2 P(x) = x3 + 23 - 4x + 8. Write the coefficient of x2.
Q.3 In P(x) = 5x2 + x5 - 2x + 4 write the degree of poly-nomial.
Q.4 In P(x) = 1/2 x3 - 7x2 + 8x, state the number of terms and write each terms.

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