Second Grade Math

Second grade math is the second step in the world of mathematics. The continuation of some of the topics of 1st grade like counting numbers, number names etc. In second grade, there are many topics which are
new, these are – odd and even numbers, greatest and smallest numbers, counting numbers.

Apart from the numeral topics this grade’s curriculum also includes new topics like expanding numbers, word problems based on addition and subtraction, addition and subtraction of three digit numbers, place value of digits, multiplication on number line, and multiplication tables, multiplication of two digits without carrying, word problems on multiplication, division, division on number line, solid
shapes.  Word problems (addition, multiplication, division, subtraction)

Multiplication is a technique of making addition of same number faster. Students should be thorough with these tables as they make calculations faster, and practicing these tables will avoid the occurrence silly mistakes.

Division is the technique similar to multiplication but in subtraction. There are different elements in the division like Quotient, Reminder, Divisor and Dividend. The quotient is the answer of the division procedure.

Place value is the placement of each number in three digits, four digits and so on. What place each number holds.Example: in 102, 2 is on ones place, 0 tens place, and 1 in hundredth place.

At the end of the 2nd grade math, there are worksheets based on the given topics. The child can check his/her knowledge by solving these worksheets.
This grade includes following topics :-

Comparing numbers
Odd and even numbers
Formation of Greatest and Smallest Number

Skip counting
Counting numbers
Counting by 2's
Counting by 3's
Counting by 4's
Counting by 5's
Counting by 6's
Counting by 7's
Counting by 8's
Counting by 9's
Counting by 10's
Counting by 11's
Adding three digit numbers
Addition word problems
Subtracting three digit numbers
Subtraction word problems
Number names
Expanding numbers
Place value of digits
Multiplication repeated addition
Multiplication on number line
Multiplication tables
Multiplication of two digit numbers
• Multiplication with carry
• Word problems on multiplication
• Division on number line
• Division
• Solid Shapes

Second Grade Math

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