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Statistics Course

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In this section we will discuss about the statistics course.
Rose has received a project from her school. She is supposed to go to every house and sell candles to these houses to raise funds for a charity show. She carries the candles with her, but it is pretty difficult to keep track of the number of candles sold. The numbers kept on increasing, and she is unable to think of a solution to this problem. Finally, her friend suggested her to use the tally method from statistics chapter that they had learnt in school.

The methods of analysis of any collection of data are covered by the branch of mathematics called Statistics. Statistics is used almost everywhere. Any survey requires the use of statistics. Children are taught statistics step by step from a very young age. Initially, it begins with pictorial representation and goes on till finding mean, mode, and median etc.
There are different types of graph we use here, such as bar graph, histogram, pie chart, double bar graph, frequency polygon and ogive etc.
Pictograph : It is used to represent the data in picture form.
Bar graph : It is used when the data is not continuous.
Double bar graph : It is used when two sub-divided categories are clubbed together.
Histogram : It is used when there is a continuous frequency data.
Pie chart : It is used when the large data is segregated into sub-groups.
Frequency polygon : This graph is obtained by joining the mid points of histogram.
Ogive curve : It is drawn using cumulative frequency.
Ask-math teaches you the various types of methods of Statistics, the advantages and disadvantages of each method apart from explaining each method individually. It makes your concepts clear by teaching you each and every method step by step.
Statistics Course

  • statistics : The methods of analysis of any collection of data are covered by the branch of mathematics called Statistics.

  • Statistics course