Worksheet on Algebra

This section is based on worksheet on algebra.

Q1.Using signs and symbols, write the following:
a) Fifteen divided by five    (b) Seven taken from x
(c) Two subtracted from nine    (d) The product of ten, a and b
(e) Three into ten    (f) Ten over five
(g) a increased by b (h) Eight upon p
(i) Four more than two     (j) Two times six plus three

Q2. Write the given statements in the mathematical form using signs and symbols:
a) Two times six equals twelve
b) twelve divided by X equals three
c)Ten decreased by three equals seven
(d) a plus b minus c equals two

Q3. State which of the following are equations (with variable). Give reason for your answer:
a)32=x+5     (b) 7-x=5     (c) 20=5y
    (d) 7=(11×5)-(12×4)

Q4. Pick out the solution from the values given in the bracket next to each question. Also, show that the other numbers do not satisfy the equation.
a) x-4 = 0 (8, 0, -4, 4)
(b) m/2 = 7 (2, 7, 10, 14)
(c) n+12 =20 (8,12,15, 20)

Q5. Mr. Ben had 53 loaves of bread in his bakery. Write the expression to show how many loaves has he left after he used n loaves?

Q6. Sushi’s father bought x lollipops. 5 were eaten by the the children. If 7 lollipops are left, how many lollipops did sushi’s father bring?

Q7. How old is Rojer now, if 10 years ago he was 25 years old?

Q8. After 15 years, Ariel will be four times as old as she is now. Determine her present age.

Q9. The sum of two consecutive number is 53. Find the numbers.

Q10. Form an expressions using m and 5. Use not more than one number operation. Every expression must have m in it.
worksheet on algebra


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