Factoring Expressions
Factoring Expressions

Worksheet on Algebraic Expression

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This is the worksheet on algebraic expression for grade 4th,5th and 6th.

Q.1 Write an algebraic expression for the following.
1) 6 more than x.
2) x decreased by 12.
3) 7 less than y.
4)4 is added to twice of a number(x).
5)5 less than thrice of x.
6) Twice the sum of a number and 5 which is 3 more than the result.
7)Anna is k years old now. How old was he 2 years before?
8)'4 subtracted from - n'.
9)'7 multiplied by y and 2 subtracted from the product'.
10)p multiplied by 13.
11)Jack and John are brothers. John is 3 years younger than Jack. Suppose Jack’s age is y years. Express John’s age in terms of y.
12) The length of a rectangular hall is 3 meters less than 4 times the breadth of the hall. What is the length if the breadth is b meters?
13) Quotient of x by 3 is multiplied by y.
14) Bob spends $a daily and saves $b per week. what is his income in two weeks?
15) Ariel covers x cm. in one step. How much distance does she cover in y steps.
16) John covers x cm in one step. How many centimeters does he cover in 9 steps?
17) Quotient of z by 6 is multiplied by y.
18) Eight times a number by p is x less than a number by y.
19) 5 more than thrice a number x.
20) 3 times x added to 7 times y.

Q.2 State in words the meaning of the following algebraic expressions:
1) a + b
2) -3q
3) 2n - 1
6)-p - 8
7)q + ( p + 4 )
8)5y – 3
9) Y/4 + Z
10)3r + 5
11) 1/2(x + y)
12) 7 - y
13) 5x + 6 -y
14) 2x - 12
15 x/y - 2
Worksheet on Algebraic Expression

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