Worksheet on Number System

Worksheet on Number system 1) How will the number 3,53,552 be read out according to Indian System? (Ans)
2) Write the following using comma in International System of Numeration. (a) 645340001 (Ans) (b)65771238 (Ans) (c)82347192 (Ans) 3) Round 526 to nearest tens.(Ans) 4) Write in Roman numerals. (a)65(Ans) (b)77 (Ans)
(c)96 (Ans)
(e) 88(Ans)
5) Place commas correctly and write the numerals. (a) Nine crore five lakh forty-one.(Ans)
(b) Fifty eight million four hundred twenty three thousand two hundred two.(Ans)
(c) Seventy-three lakh seventy-five thousand three hundred seven.(Ans)
(d)Seven crore fifty-two lakh twenty-one thousand three hundred two.(Ans)
(e)Twenty-three lakh thirty thousand ten.(Ans)
6) a) How many thousands make a million?(Ans)
b)How many lacs make a crore? (Ans)
7) Write the sum of XX and XXIX in Roman numerals.(Ans)
8) Estimate the following (by rounding off to nearest tens): (a) 941 (Ans)
(b) 312(Ans)
(b) 777(Ans)
(d) 13(Ans)
(e) 309(Ans)
(f) 654(Ans)
9) Estimate the following (by rounding off to nearest hundreds): (a) 6,941 (Ans)
(b) 6,320(Ans)
(c) 916 (Ans)
(d) 129(Ans)
(e) 309 (Ans)
(f) 802(Ans)
(g) 346 (Ans)
(h) 3,684(Ans)
(i) 1,311 (Ans)
(j) 586(Ans)
10) Estimate the following (by rounding off to nearest thousands): (a) 3,456 (Ans)
(b) 7,850 (Ans)
(c) 25,554 (Ans)
(d) 7,220(Ans)
(e) 6,500 (Ans)
(f) 92,535 (Ans)
11) Write in numbers:
a) IX (Ans)
b) LXV (Ans)
c) C (Ans)
d) XC(Ans)
12) Solve the following: (a) X + V (Ans)
(b) V + III (Ans) (c) XV + II(Ans) (d) IX + IX(Ans) (e) II + VI(Ans) (f) V – I(Ans) (g) VII - IV(Ans) (h) IX – III(Ans) (i) XL – VII (Ans)

Q.13 How many millions make a billion? (Ans)
Q. 14 Write the smallest 3 digit number which does not change if the digits are written in reversed order.(Ans)
Q.15 Find the difference between the number 279 and that obtained on reversing its digits.(Ans)
Q.16 Write all possible 3-digit numbers using the digits 6,0,4 when repetition of digits is not allowed.(Ans)
worksheet on number system