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Find the Point of Intersection of Two Lines

Worksheet on Problems on Intersection of Two Sets

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In this section there is a worksheet on problems on intersection of two sets. These are the word problems based on intersection of two sets. To make it easy, you can draw Venn diagram and then solve it.

Worksheet on problems on intersection of 2 sets.

1. Out of 600 persons, 370 can write French only and 140 can write Chinese only. How many of them can write French and Chinese both?

2. In a competitive Examination, out of 2000 candidates, 1500 passed in mathematics and 800 in English. How many passed in English only?

3. 9000 students appeared for two papers in mathematics at a certain examination. Exactly, 7500 and 6500 students passed in paper I and paper II respectively. If no student failed in both papers, Find the number of students who have passed in both the papers.

4. From amongst the 3000 literate individuals of a city 55% read newspaper A, 60% newspaper B and 25%neither A nor B. How many individuals read both the newspapers A as well as B.

5. Out of 100 players, 60 are interested in cricket, 50 in hockey and 30 in both the games. Find how many students are not interested in any of these games.

6. The population of a town is 6500. Out of these 3600 read New York Times and 2800 The Times. There are 800 who read both the papers. Also find the number of people who do not read any of these papers.

7. In an examination 90 students secured first class marks in English or mathematics. Out of these 60 obtained first class in mathematics and 20 in English and mathematics both. How many students secured first class marks in English only?

8. In a mathematics class 20 children had forgotten their rulers and 17 had forgotten their pencils. “ go and borrow them from someone” the teacher said. 24 children left the room. Draw a Venn diagram and find how many children had forgotten both?

9. Out of 30 persons 9 take tea but do not take coffee. 18 persons take tea. Find the number of persons who take coffee only?

Worksheet on Problems on Intersection of Two Sets

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