Worksheet on Quadrilateral

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The following is the worksheet on quadrilateral which includes parallelogram,square,rectangle etc.

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which is not a parallelogram.
a) Square b) Rectangle c) Rhombus d) Kite

2. The diagonals of a rectangle ABCD intersect at O. If ∠BOC = 440, then ∠OAD
a) 58
0 b) 68 0 c) 64 0 d) 62 0

3. D and E are the mid points of the sides AB and AC of ΔABC and O is any point on side BC.O is joined to A. If P and Q are the mid points of OB and OC respectively, then DEQP is
a) a square b) a rectangle c) a rhombus d) a parallelogram.

4. The angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3 : 4. The smallest angle is
a) 36
0 b) 30 0 c) 24 0 d) 100 0

5. The diagonal of a rectangle is inclined to one side of the rectangle at 25°. The acute angle between the diagonals is
a) 55
0 b) 50 0 c) 40 0 d) 25 0

6. In parallelogram ABCD, bisectors of angles A & B intersects each other at O. The value of ∠AOB is
a) 30
0 b) 60 0 c) 90 0 d) 120 0

7. Find the measures of all the angles of a parallelogram, if one angle is 240 less than twice the smallest angle.

8. In ΔABC. AB = 5cm, BC = 8cm, and CA = 7cm. If D and E are respectively the mid-points of AB and BC. Find the perimeter of the ΔBDE.

9. In a parallelogram ABCD, the bisector of ∠A also bisects BC at X. Prove that AD = 2AB.

10. In the given figure, ABC is a triangle, AD is a median and E is a mid-point of AD. BE is joined and produced to intersect AC in a point F.
Prove that AF = AC

Worksheet on quadrilateral


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