Worksheet  Profit  Loss

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This page contains worksheet profit loss .

C.P S.P Profit Loss Profit % Loss %
1) $7282 - $ 208 -
2) - $572 $72 -
3) $9684 - $273 -
4) $676,000 - $18,500 -
5) - $7894 $306 -

2) Ram buys an article for $ 1800 and sells it at 10% loss. Find its selling price.

3) Tom buys a TV for $ 16,600. After two years he sells it for $.12,800. Find his profit or loss percent.
4) Find the cost price of an article when it is sold at a loss of 25% for $ 150.

5) The cost of a flower vase is $ 120. If the shopkeeper sells it at a loss of 10%, find the Selling price.

6) S.P of a toy is $ 540. If the profit made by the shopkeeper is 20%, find the C.P of the toy.

7) A man sold two machines at $. 1200 each. On one he gain 20% and on the other he loses 20%. How much does he gain or lose in whole transaction.

8) Write the formula to find the profit %, if S.P and C.P is given.

9) Write the formula to find S.P, C.P and profit % is given.

10) Leela sold her necklace at a profit of 7%. If she had sold it for $ 294 more, she would have got 10% profit. Find the cost price.

11) Find the selling price if the cost price is $ 1200 and loss percent is 25.

12) Marshall bought 20 refills and sold them at $ 4 each. If it had cost $ 50 for the refills, what was his profit or loss percent?

13) Mr. Smith buys pencils at $ 250 per hundred and sells each at $ 1.75. Find his loss or profit.

14) Davis bought a second hand cycle for $ 500. He spent $ 80 in repairs and $ 175 in repainting. He then sold it to John for $ 900. How much did he gain or lose?

15) A fruit vendor bought 600 apples for $ 4800. He spent $ 400 on transportation. How much should he sell each to get a profit of $ 1000?

16) Tim bought a box of chocolates for $ 650 and sold it to Tom at a profit of $ 75. Find the selling price.(worksheet profit loss)

17) David bought 2 dozen eggs for $ 56. Since 6 of them broke, he incurred a loss of $ 20 on selling them. What was the selling price of one egg?
worksheet profit loss


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